(VIDEO) Josip Pejakovic: “The Ravne complex is a kind of district and an example of togetherness”

All those who come to the Ravne complex can notice the stand where the famous B&H actor and writer Josip Pejakovic sells his books. But the connection between Pejakovic and the Ravne complex is not only books, but something much more. First of all, Josip has been with dr. Semir Osmanagic and the Foundation since the beginning, for a time he was also a member of the Board of Directors, and since a few years ago, due to his health condition, he is a frequent guest of the Ravne tunnel.

Josip Pejakovic had clinical death several times, his health was significantly impaired, but since he started coming to Ravne, things have turned 180 degrees. Last weekend we spoke with Josip Pejakovic and this is his story.