The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids hosted the second international trail race “Pyramid Trail 2024” on Sunday, June 2, 2024. The start and finish of the race were in the most beautiful park in this part of Europe, the park “Ravne 2”, and this year the race attracted a total of 165 competitors, of which 85 in the 5-kilometer race, and 80 in the 20-kilometer race. Apart from Bosnia and Herzegovina, competitors from Croatia, Slovenia and Canada also took part in the race.

In the 5 km race, Jasmin Ališić was the fastest in the men’s competition, while Đemka Novak had the best time in the women’s race. Young Muhamed Klepo from Visoko was the best in the children’s competition. For both Jasmin and Đemka, these were the first trail races in their careers and they won immediately, while Muhamed Klepo, who won the children’s race, said that next year he aims to run a 20-kilometer race.

And at 20 kilometers, the first was Džanan Obuća, who ran this section in 1:42:17. – It’s my first time at this race, I’m positively surprised by the organization, the track and markings are top-notch, I’ve run in many races across Europe and this is one of the better organized races. As for the location itself, I was here many years ago, today everything is much nicer, different, a lot has been built and made and I am delighted with the complete atmosphere. – said the winner Džanan Obuća from Goražde after the race. The winner in the women’s competition, Belma Baralija, also ran in Visoko last year. – Everything is beautiful and I’m happy to come to this race, the atmosphere in the park is nice, and this year it was a little more strenuous, it was a longer course and the weather was much warmer than last year. Belma told us.