The new season in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is already heating up a bit, there are more and more guests, both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from all over the world, and this is also an ideal time to talk with the founder of the Foundation dr. Semiro Osmanagic about the new season, preparations, programs and contents that await us, but also about the recent European tour of dr. Osmanagic.

This year will perhaps be the most meaningful so far. In terms of archeology, several new locations are being prepared, and I am primarily referring to the new Ravne 6 tunnels, where our volunteers this year will also work and have the opportunity to work in locations that are unexplored and completely unknown. This year, we are also planning work on the Tumulus in Vratnica, but also on all other locations in Visoko. Over the years, our park “Ravne 2” has become a cultural, sports, spiritual and artistic oasis, and this year we are also preparing a rich program. In the month of June, the traditional Summer Solstice Festival (SSF) awaits us, a festival marking the beginning of summer and the summer solstice. In the musical part of the program, we will be entertained by Dzejla Ramovic and Goca Trzan, and we have also prepared numerous lectures, book promotions, yoga, meditation, and all this with a large number of announced guests from all over the world. In August we will have a new festival, we will again have numerous sports events, as well as our humanitarian event dedicated to children without parental care. – dr.Osmanagic told us.

In order for each year to be a record, which is the case in the past few seasons, it is extremely important to promote the activity, which lasts almost throughout the year. dr. Osmanagic has just returned from a five-week European promotional tour.

Our people think that foreign guests have nowhere to go, so they come to Bosnia. Unfortunately, we should know that BiH is a dead end, where people are reluctant to come, we are politically unstable, we are the most corrupt in Europe and people rarely think of coming here, and in order for them to come to us, we have to do good promotion and go to those people’s feet. I just finished a five-week tour of 11 European countries. In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I also visited Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden, I gave lectures in full halls and I was proud when I realized how many of these people were already at our locations in the Bosnian Valley pyramid. Those people are already coming to us and this is proof that the way we are going and the promotion we are doing really make sense. The Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” will continue to warmly welcome all our guests and offer them friendship, peace, welcome and non-discrimination, and we will continue on this path in the future. – said dr. Osmanagic.

In the end, people from our country can only recommend coming to Visoko and visiting the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, which has an increasing number of visitors from all over the world every year.

Credits: piramidasunca.ba