Did you know?

In Bosnia in 2005, an amateur archeologist named Semir Osmanagich announced that he had discovered a pyramidal complex at the foot of a the hill now known as the Pyramid of the Sun which is some 1,180 feet high. Over time, he discovered three more pyramids and proposed that they were built by the same people who created the pyramids of Egypt and Mesoamerica. Osmanagich has claimed the pyramids to be 34,000 years old.

Not only were they found to be more precise in orientation than the pyramids of Giza but blocks made of some type of concrete were found at the Sun pyramid’s base. Futhermore, physicists surprisingly measured an electromagnetic energy of 28khz emanating from the tip of the pyramid.

In 2008, a conference of 50 scientists from countries including Egypt, Russia, UK, Poland, was conducted. The experts supported the claim that the hills were actually pyramids. Subsequent annual conferences concluded that the Bosnian pyramid complex is the oldest in the world.

Not surprisingly, in 2006 the Bosnian government decided to fund a site excavation but there was stiff opposition. The European Association of Archaeologists wrote a manifesto demanding the government avoid funding the project as it was a “hoax”.