Archaeological site Mile

Mile are located in the immediate vicinity of Visoko, in today’s settlement of Arnautovici on the right bank of the Bosna river and near the mouth of the Gorusa river. Today, the Mile archaeological site is a protected national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mile was one of the royal seats. The first Bosnian king, Tvrtko I Kotromanic, was crowned in Mile in 1377. Under a large tombstone in the church, the remains of brocade fabric with motifs of a coat of arms with a shield, veil, crown, helmet, and plume were found, in the grave of King Tvrtko I. Mile were one of the places where assemblies were held. At the assemblies, issues related to the internal and foreign policy of Bosnia were resolved. Among these issues were the election and coronation of rulers, gifting and taking away estates, alienation of state territory, and determination of foreign policy. Mauro Orbini and many Franciscan chronicles state that Ban Stjepan II built the Church of St. Nicholas in Mile and that he was buried there according to his own wish. The tomb of King Tvrtko is located at the back of the church’s choir. The above-ground part of the tomb was made up of reddish-brown stone slabs with profiling and figural decorations in shallow relief and one monolithic tombstone ridge with a base, now a tombstone, an amorphous, hacked boulder, lying against the north wall of the church.