Orthodox church of St. Procopius

Orthodox church of St. Procopius – The church of St. Procopius, a national landmark, is situated at the base of the hill Visocica. The actual date of the structure cannot be determined with certainty because all records regarding the church building, documents, and archives were destroyed in a fire in 1941. The information that is available indicates that there was a school close to the church that started operating around 1840. at the home of self-described Jove Aslivara instructor. Built in 1875., the school building remained in use until 1914. The church has had renovations throughout its history, with the most recent being in 1998. One of the most well-known and substantial collections of icons in Bosnia and Herzegovina is found in the Church of St. Prokopija in Visoko. The earliest icon dates back to the XV century and was created in a Byzantine iconographic text. The church’s library and archives are housed in the space above the Diacanicon. The library has about 200 different editions, most of which are religious editions like clerks and others. There are also some history-related books and different publications. The earliest book dates back to 1880. Partially preserved in the church is disorganized ecclesiastical archival material. The Kakanj priest Miroslav Vuji took some of the content.