The Okoliste and Radinovici settlements, a prehistoric site located between the villages of Radinovići and Okoliste and about 6 kilometers away from Visoko. In 2006. they have been declared a national monument by the Commission to Preserve National Monuments. The size and location of the Okoliste settlement are unusual for Neolithic European settlements. Okoliste is the largest and most significant Neolithic site in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is situated along the Visoko – Kakanj road. According to the studies so far, it is estimated that about 3.000 people lived there during the Neolithic period. It is estimated that the settlement was established between 4700 and 4500 BC. The settlement was of a closed type and it was protected with five trenches. Ceramic products of Butmir culture with very interesting ornamental decorations were excavated, as well as a whole series of specimens of other materials from polished axes to quartz blades. Doubtless, Okoliste became one of the most important neolithic sites in Europe.