Pertacka Mosque

In the oldest part of Visoko is the Hadži-Ibrahimova or Pertacka mosque, which, together with the Serefuddin-Bijela mosque, is among the first built mosques under Ottoman rule in the area of Visoko. It is assumed that the Pertacka mosque was built in the 15th century, most likely in 1477. It was built in the immediate vicinity of the marketplace, namely the Sebilj market. Over the centuries, the mosque was damaged, which was the reason for the detailed reconstruction in 2001. The original structure of the Pertačka mosque, before the last reconstruction, was simple, with thick stone walls and a stone minaret leaning on the right side. The minaret is particularly interesting, as it was built of travertine, a stone that was most likely extracted from the nearby river Fojnica, which is a unique example in Visoko.