At ITB Berlin, the city of Visoko was presented through an online tourist game

In the past week, Berlin hosted the ITB, the world’s largest tourism trade fair, featuring over 5,000 exhibitors from more than 160 countries. Among the participants was a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, consisting of representatives from over 20 organizations and companies from both the public and private sectors. This diverse group included regional tourism organizations, travel agencies, and hotels, who together showcased at the Bosnia and Herzegovina booth. Their collective presence played a significant role in enhancing the international profile of the country’s brand. Notably, the delegation was enriched by the presence of representatives from Visoko’s tourism portal, a dedicated platform for promoting the cultural and historical heritage of Visoko. These representatives introduced a novel approach to engage visitors: a touristic game designed to educate players about the historical sites in Visoko. This interactive game represents an innovative strategy to attract tourists by combining education with entertainment, allowing players to explore Visoko’s rich history in a fun and engaging way. The inclusion of such a unique offering underscores Visoko’s commitment to establishing itself as a significant destination within Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tourism landscape and highlights the city’s efforts to contribute meaningfully to the national delegation’s achievements at ITB Berlin.