It’s the beginning of autumn in Bosnian valley pyramids, but the volunteer action is still going on. Volunteers from numerous countries came to Visoko again this year to be part of the historic project, and one of them is Nicola Pratti from Italy.

– I heard and found out about the project ten years ago, but unfortunately, due to the work I do, I didn’t have the opportunity to come earlier. This year I finally managed to do that and I must say that the place is beautiful with a lot of positive energy, the people are also wonderful, and once you stay in the tunnels and work, and after you come out, you don’t feel any pain or fatigue, only positive energy. – Nicola tells us.

In the past days, together with the rest of this group of volunteers, he had the opportunity to visit the tunnels of Ravne, as well as the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

– This is a truly unique project in the world, and I am of the opinion that the more work is done, the more people from all over the world will surely be attracted to this project. – Nicola told us.

At the end, we asked him if he had been to our country before or heard of Bosnia and Herzegovina. – I heard and knew about the events of the war, I didn’t have the opportunity to come here before, but after this arrival I saw how beautiful this country is with good, hardworking and hospitable people, and I definitely have the intention of returning here in the future, and many more times. – Nicola told us.