Just over a month has passed since the opening of the Regional Tennis Center in the park “Ravne 2”, and the hardworking team of the Foundation headed by dr. Semir Osmanagic tirelessly continues to build new content. Very soon the park will become richer with two more sports fields.

– After the construction of the top-class tennis complex, we decided to add a few more sports facilities to the park, and we are talking about the construction of two courts – for beach volleyball and basketball 3 on 3 according to FIBA standards. Once again we faced the challenge of building on wetlands, but with a lot of effort we managed to complete the most difficult part of bringing in buffers, raising the level and leveling, and now we are entering the phase of preparation for the construction of the foundations. – dr. Osmanagic revealed to us.

And there are many reasons for expanding the sports facilities of the “Ravne 2” park.

– First of all, we want to offer something to our young people and children, but also to our athletes, and on the other hand, we are planning several big sports events in the coming year. In mid-September, we expect the decision of the B&H Olympic Committee, which will give the Foundation the opportunity to organize the Youth Sports Games in May 2023, where we will have competitions in handball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, shooting and archery on seven fields. At that competition, in addition to a large number of young athletes, we expect big sports names. In the month of July, the event “Sports Stars for Orphans” is planned, a continuation of the event called “NBA Stars for Orphans”. This time we have more sports, and we will also invite our biggest sports names, who will have an unforgettable day together with orphaned children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will invite children from all homes from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, we expect maybe 1,000 children, and on that day we will all try together, at least for one day, to give them the parental love they don’t have. – dr. Osmanagic told us, and finally emphasized that the park “Ravne 2” now has a new name: Archaeological – tourist – sports park “Ravne 2”.