Othodox church of St. Procopius

Othodox church of St. Procopius – The national monument, church of St. Procopius is located at the foot of the hill Grad or Visočica. Ferman about church building, documentation and all archive were burnt in fire in 1941, so the exactly time of the building can not be established certainly. According to the available data, there was a school near the church that began working around 1840 in the private house of self-styled Jove Aslivara teacher. The school building was built in 1875 and worked until 1914. In its history the church has been renovated several times, and last time in 1998. The collection of icons in the Church of St. Prokopija in Visoko is one of the most famous and largest collection of icons on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The oldest icon was made in the Byzantine iconographic manuscript and encourages the XV century. The library and archives of the church are located in the room above the Diacanicon. The library has about two hundred different, mostly theological editions such as clerks, etc., as well as some history-related works and various periodicals. The oldest book originates from 1880. Archival material of the church, disordered, is partially preserved in the church. Part of the material was taken by the priest Miroslav Vujčić in Kakanj.The Church has been renovated several times, and last time in 1998 with financial assistance from Greece.