Park “Ravne 2” will host the first ‘Summit endless possibilities’

The archaeological and tourist park “Ravne 2” from 6 to 13 June 2019 hosts the first Summit of endless possibilities. This is a project organized by the Mandala Foundation, which is educational in nature and promotes the goals of sustainable development. The head of the Foundation is Vildana Bijedić.

– The summit of endless possibilities includes numerous contents such as yoga, drawing workshops, lectures and various exercises, and we have lecturers from England, Germany, USA and our country. Our mission is to make a summit, to introduce each other to each other and to strengthen this socializing in BiH, and this informal education with the aim of working on it, which is also in the very name of our summit “Summit of endless possibilities – Meet yourself “. Regarding the choice of location, the easiest and best of all was here. High is the royal city, and the park “Ravne 2” is one of the most beautiful in the world, so this is an ideal basis for doing something that promotes the well-being of our society. Of course there are also accompanying contents that we have and which are important for us to hold summits, such as shops, places with benches, adventures in the tunnels of Ravne … Here we have combined holiday, adventure, socializing, transformation, history … – explained Vildana Bijedić.

This is the first such summit, and it is planned to become traditional and to be held once or twice a year.

– This time we had a little less interest of our people, so lectures are in our language and in English. I would love to see more people present, but for example, my workshops are attended by a small number of people, because it is impossible to learn when there are more people and when it’s crowded. The group effect is the best when up to 10 people are present, and we are planning bigger panels, discussions, where we will gather both young and old and give people the opportunity to meet and socialize. The summit lasts until June 13th, most of the content is planned in the park “Ravne 2” and by the end of the day there are still many lectures, so I use this opportunity to invite as many people as possible to join us, to socialize, educate, because I think Such events need to give more media space, and less by some bad events. – explained Vildana Bijedić, the organizer of the first Summit of endless possibilities.