A large group of guests from Slovenia in recent days visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

A large group of visitors of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids from Slovenia, who visited Visoko and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past days, visited the Archaeological and Tourist Park “Ravne 2”, and after a visit and lunch, a short gathering was organized.

– “Let’s start from the very beginning and your coming. Are you satisfied with the way? How satisfied are you with the accommodation you had? What are the locations you visited? The prehistoric labyrinth of the Ravne tunnel? Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun? Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon? Tumulus Vratnica? What kind of food were these days while you were staying? “Asked the dr. Semir Osmanagic, who was the host of a group of over 100 people, brought to Visoko by a friend of the Foundation, Jasmina Kandorfer.
The answers were more than positive, and the group of Slovenians in the past three days stayed in Visoko to visit and visit all the sites where the research is being conducted, accompanied by the host of the dr. Semir Osmanagic, and praised the excellent guides and employees of the Foundation, led by Ajdin Ahmetspahic, as well as the logistic part of the Foundation, led by Lejla Zukić.

The Slovenians had the opportunity to visit Sarajevo, they were full of positive comments about the staff of the Foundation, delighted at all the locations they visited, and there were also humorous remarks, such as an objection to the size of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, as well as welcome suggestions and suggestions that will be in the future certainly adopted, all because the guests and visitors who come to Visoko are as happy and returning again, as they promised.

After a group of over 100 people, Jasmina returns to Visoko again in early August, and the promo materials she prepared, as well as the satisfaction of the group that just left Visoko, are guaranteed to be full of Slovenes in August.

Source: vipromo.ba