School excursion on pyramids in Visoko, become a trend: Students and teachers from Mostar visited the Ravne complex

The trend of the arrival of school excursions to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids continued on Sunday, April 28, when Visoko and Kompleks Ravne students visited the pupils of the “Zalik” Primary School in Mostar. A total of over fifty students and their teachers enjoyed the tour of the Praistorian Complex of the Ravne tunnel, and after the tunnel, the students went to the Archaeological and Tourist Park “Ravne 2” where they had the opportunity for relaxation, as well as a tour of numerous contents offers this unique park. – It is truly beautiful, we are thrilled to come to these locations and we will admit that we are positively surprised, both by arranging the locations, and by the entire staff of the Foundation that has passed us through tunnels and parks, and showed us everything that is important to see here , and there really is a lot to see. We are especially pleased that the tourist infrastructure is at a high level, because we come from a city that is famous for tourism, and arrangement, as well as the way of working with guests, is not at all behind what is offered by big tourist resorts, as well as our Mostar. – told us teachers who were accompanied by students from Mostar. The students did not hide their enthusiasm for seeing them in Visoko, and as they say, through the tour of the Ravne tunnel and the park “Ravne 2” they had a lot to learn, and the experience from Visoko and everything they saw will also be shared with their friends in Mostar. Source: