After several somewhat cooler and darker days, which did not stop the arrival of guests to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and the Ravne Kompleks, on Wednesday, April 17, Ravne responded with children’s voice and numerous questions, and the guests arrived to the Foundation “Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” from Elementary School “Aleksa Santic” from Sarajevo.

– In the process of teaching we have one part called “School in Nature”, and after three days we spent in Sarajevo, today we decided to come to Visoko and spend part of this school in the Ravne Complex. We visited the Praistorian underground labyrinth of Ravne, and the little ones were really thrilled with the visions, as discussed by numerous questions that were asked by the Foundation’s friendly guides. We think that it is of great importance that we have such a complex in our country, first of all we mean the Ravne tunnels, as well as the beautiful park “Ravne 2” where it is possible to spend all day in nature and beautiful surroundings, and with all these children have the opportunity to learn and learn a lot on the spot. – told us teachers who were together with their students.

All three grades of the elementary school “Aleksa Santic”, together with their teachers, arrived in Visoko, and a total of 105 children enjoyed visiting the Ravne tunnels. The Guides of the Foundation made every effort to adapt to their visit and presentation, and numerous questions of the little ones, as well as the satisfaction of what they saw, heard and learned, are evidence that this kind of daily excursion, as well as the school in nature, is an extraordinary experience for students , so for the teachers themselves. There is not enough time to be visited all beauty of park “Ravne 2”, but after a pleasant walk and sightseeing, new, all-day arrivals and new schools in nature were announced.